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  1. I highly recommend taking a skills session with Chris! In the hour or so that we worked together he exemplified the qualities of an excellent teacher:

    He understood the strengths and gaps in my knowledge base due to his nonjudgemental nature and skillful questions and appropriate follow up thereby allowing him to get to the heart of the matter.
    He helped me carve grooves into my sometimes disconnected knowledge blocks thereby helping me bring them together, seeing and appreciating the bigger picture of the PALS overall training course, and creating an understanding based on rationale rather than memorization – the type of education that lasts.
    He is passionate about the material, his students, patients, and the healthcare field all of which make him a grounded and efficient educator able to connect with a diverse classroom.

    There was never a dull moment; I took an evening course with Chris and I do not even recall ever taking a moment to look at the time.

    My only regret was taking the online course since I feel that I would have learned much more and in a shorter amount of time had I taken the classroom part of the course with Chris. Thank you.

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    Irving S.
    Medical student
    February 2017
    Background: I took the PALS Skills Session with Chris which is the next and last step after completing the online PALS course all of which are required for certification (ie your PALS Provider Card) .

  2. I attended the BLS session with Chis. I have been attending these sessions every two years for the last 15 years. I have to say that this was one was my favorite. I was even able to learn a little extra. Chris is very knowledgeable and he is an excellent instructor. I would highly recommend his class.

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